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Digital Product Design Services

Digital Product Design Services

User experience, optimization, and visually pleasing design are crucial in digital product design. Digital product design is the process of creating digital products that meet user needs and solve their problems. As a digital product design studio, Untile offers top-notch product design services that cater to different industries. To ensure the finished product stands out from the competition and meets business needs, our skilled designers specialize in creating simple interfaces and enjoyable user experiences. We work together with our clients to design products that complement their business objectives and raise the value of their brands.
Who we are

We are a trusted Product Design Studio

Untile is a product design agency composed of a diverse, highly skilled, and passionate team based in Northern Portugal. We are committed to building a unique digital product that will help our clients reach their goals.

We have a deep understanding of the latest digital product design trends, which enables us to create innovative designs that meet the changing needs of our clients. Our process involves discovery and research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and deployment, ensuring that we deliver high-quality products that stand out from the competition and that our client can reach their goals.

Whether it's crafting customized websites or developing intuitive software interfaces, our dedicated team is always ready to provide state-of-the-art digital products.

At Untile, we take pleasure in offering digital product design consultancy that is customized to satisfy the unique requirements of our clients. Due to our commitment to delivering high-quality services and constant improvement, we have established long-lasting relationships with our clients.

What is Digital Product Design?

Digital product design, together with web development, is the process of creating digital products that are visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly. A digital product is, for example, a valuable software application, website, or platform for its users. A perfect example of this: the browser that you are using right now is a digital product.

The product design goes from business strategy and user research to visual design and back-end and front-end implementation, encompassing UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design.

Having a product design company in the process of creating and developing your digital products is keeping in mind the best experience that can be offered to your users and the business side that product design can offer to your product.

Enhancing UX and UI for Optimized Digital Products

User experience should be a priority when creating your new product. Therefore, working together with digital product design, which will be aligned with the best practices of UI and UX, is the ideal path for the success of your launch.

Long-term benefits, such as greater lead generation and higher conversion rates, can result from including a strong UI/UX design. The revenue of your business may consequently increase dramatically.

We can still add a common product strategy to the MVP creation. This allows us to speed up the go-to-market time, test its viability, get feedback from users, and keep improving upon that.

Successful professionals understand the importance of early involvement of Product Design teams, even though some people may view design as only having an aesthetic component. Understanding the issue you're trying to solve and becoming familiar with the motivations, needs, and overall user experience of your target users are the first steps.

Our designers, experts in UI and UX Design, are ready to deliver the best experience for your users, like:

New customers attraction

Attracting new consumers is always good for your results and your product's growth. An intuitive and functional design can improve the user experience and lead to higher conversions. It’s necessary to focus on meeting user needs, simplifying tasks, and providing a seamless experience. In addition, the perception of your brand image, and its boost with UI/UX design, will help in retaining new users.

Users retention

A good product, with an emphasis on UX and UI, enhances user satisfaction and encourages users to continue using it regularly. If a product provides value, solves a problem, or offers convenience, users are more likely to integrate it into their daily routines. With the right design team, and aligned with UI/UX best practices, user retention has never been simpler and more accessible.

More productivity

We all want to be productive. Thus, a digital product must also help your users to be more efficient with their time. Keep it simple and easy for better usability and user experience leading to time-saving on all devices.

Fewer costs

A well-thought-out design can reduce user errors and minimize support and maintenance costs, improving not only the experience of the company but also that of the user of the product.

Brand positioning

A consistent and attractive design can help establish brand identity and improve user perception. Yet, innovative and effective design can differentiate a company in the competitive market and help attract more users.

Valuable insights

A user-centric design process can provide valuable insights into user needs and wants, helping to guide future business initiatives.

Our Digital Product Design Services

Content Services

Content is key. Any Product Design project's success depends on the content service. An efficient and reliable user experience can be ensured by analysis, production, modification, and content strategy. A thorough content analysis enables the creation of components that satisfy user needs and enhance the product.

Design Services

Our design services include creating custom UX and UI that are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of your business. We use specific methodologies for each project, adapting to the size, length, etc, and trends to ensure that your product is visually appealing and user-friendly.

Business Strategy Services

Before starting the development of a digital product design, it is essential to define a clear strategy that includes understanding the needs and desires of customers, analysis of the market and competition, identification of the target audience, the necessary resources, the appropriate distribution channels and the best way to position the digital product in the market.

Customized everything

At Untile, we believe in providing customized solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of each of our clients. This will increase efficiency and productivity, scalability and flexibility, and enhance user experience. Whether you need a simple website, a complex web application, or something in between, everything we make will be done in accordance with what it’s best for the business and the users.

End-to-End Web Development Service

Choosing an end-to-end web development approach for your business can bring a host of benefits. It’ll provide the users with a seamless and consistent experience, reduce the risk of technical issues, and will find that even the process itself is much more painless, with fewer points of contact, and significantly less management. Our team of experts has developed a bespoke model that is geared towards carefully analysing what every client’s specific needs are, and then working closely with their teams to achieve a fully realized product that meets every specification.

The digital product design process

Discovery: Gathering data.

To identify the issues that need to be resolved, our designers start by working together with our clients to conduct research. Our team of specialists in digital product design collaborates closely with the client to build trust and get a good grasp of their objectives, goals, ambitions, and even desires, challenges, and difficulties. The key focus is to understand the problem we aim to address, and its significance, and ensure it is the right issue to tackle. It. A complete user journey map that acts as a roadmap for the project is produced as a result of the thorough examination of the product, market, and target users. By the time this phase is over, we will have learned a great deal about the client's business and product, produced a high-level list of goals to achieve, and tested several hypotheses.

Define & Plan: Use Cases & Personas.

As a digital product design studio, Untile is aware of the individuality of each project and each user. We use the User Journey map and market research to come up with the optimal solution for each project. Understanding how users will engage with the product, entails creating use cases and personas. For each use case, we develop job stories that describe the goals users have for the product. We use this data to revamp the user experience map, addressing all gradually highlighted pain points. We offer the client a variety of milestones from which to select, allowing them to prioritize according to their business requirements.

Create & Iterate: User Flows & Prototypes.

It’s finally time that we are going to figure out how we are going to solve your digital product design problem. This stage of the process is where we excel, as our expertise in creating innovative solutions truly comes to the forefront. Using our expertise in digital product design services, we begin by building user flows, wireframes, and lo-fi prototypes. We define metrics for success and test our approach. We collect feedback and update job stories so that we can refine our vision for each feature. We share our findings with all stakeholders and incorporate any required changes. This ensures that we have the necessary approvals before proceeding with the design and development phases. At our product design studio, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and collaborative product design studio to our clients.

Style: Crafting a Visual

At Untile, we understand that the product must work, but also look good to be successful. We want to start working on the visual after having developed a strong working knowledge of the users and the business. That’s why we experiment with various design approaches to find the right fit for each client. Once we get it right, we build the wireframe screens using the final style. Our product design services are dedicated to creating visually appealing and functional digital products that resonate with users. As a product design agency, we believe in the power of thoughtful and collaborative design to create innovative solutions for our clients.

Architect and Writing Backend & Frontend Code

As a digital product design studio, we are specialized in crafting smart and scalable solutions to meet any business requirement, no matter how complex. To this end, our frontend and backend development team works closely with our experienced digital product designers to ship the best quality products and websites ensuring a highly functional, easy, and enjoyable experience for the target users. These applications need a robust architecture and a well-tested and understandable code to fulfill an existing growth strategy. As a product design agency, we understand that a successful digital product requires a combination of technical expertise and thoughtful design, and we strive to deliver both to our clients.
Case studies

Our Product Design Case Studies

We have worked with companies across a variety of industries, seeking entirely different things from us. We are delighted to say we helped every one of them realize their vision.

In these case studies, you’ll be able to find out how we led these processes and get some first-hand insights into how we work. Everything we did for our clients and what we can do for you.


Our testimonials

Throughout our life as a company, we have had a hand helping plenty of companies take their products from dream to reality. We are privileged to say some of our former clients decided to share some words with us about the work we did together.


Frequently asked questions

What is product design?

The process of conceptualizing, creating, and fine-tuning products to address certain issues or wants in a given market is known as product design. A thorough complete understanding of the end user, who is the design's main focus, is necessary for successful product design. Making intuitive, useful, and aesthetically beautiful products is the ultimate goal of product design. Product designers can create goods that are tailored to the end user's unique demands and requirements by empathizing with them.

What are the characteristics of product design?

Desirability. Usability. Utility. Reliability. Efficiency. These are the main characteristics of product design so that the process, and its result, is a success story. That's because product design needs to be understandable to the customer, satisfy his needs, work regardless of conditions, and have high and fast performance. A desirable product will be aesthetic, emotive, inventive, and whole. Far beyond desirable, product design is to facilitate the use of digital products that need to be inserted into your routine, making their use easier.

What is the difference between UX and product design?

UX designers are dedicated to refining the user experience of a product, while Digital product designers play a broader role in the entire design process of a product. While the UX designers work focused on making the product easier for the user to use and navigate on their own, digital product designers are involved in the process from the beginning, so they start from brainstorm, go to UX, project management, and finally, business-related processes.

Is product design the same as UI?

Digital product design encompasses both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. While UI designers focus on the visual appearance of a product, and it’s the human-first approach to the aesthetic experience of a digital product, product designers ensure the overall feeling and experience of the product as a whole.

What are the differences between product design and product development?

Product design and product development work together to bring a product from concept to completion While the product design team focuses on the creative side, and the user experience, the development team is responsible for the engineering side.

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