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We care about our team

When you're a part of Untile, we make it our job to ensure you have everything you need to thrive.

When you join Untile, you become part of our team. We take this seriously, and we want to make absolutely sure that everyone who considers a career with us understands that this goes beyond words.

At Untile, we want the best of all worlds. That means a highly professional quality-oriented culture, seeking the toughest challenges, but also ensuring a friendly environment where everyone feels appreciated and taken care of.


Here’s how we make that a reality from the start

We take care of you and your family
Health insurance
Portugal has an NHS. Companies are under no obligation to provide health insurance, so don’t think this is your basic package with minimal coverage. This is a comprehensive plan that guarantees the best care.
Parenting / Child support
We want to go above and beyond here, so you can focus on work knowing that your family is always prioritised. This can mean, depending on what your needs are, both birth and educational financial compensation, as well as the schedule flexibility to allow you to be as present as you like.
Well-being activities support
This is up to you. What do you need to feel great? Gym? Hiking in the mountains? Zumba classes? Whatever you need, you let us know. We will arrange a monthly or yearly budget and make sure you get it.
Generous food allowance
Pretty self-explanatory, right? We know proper nutrition sometimes comes at a premium, and it’s on us.
We want to see you hit your goals, both personal and professional
This is why we make sure to open as many doors as we possibly can, by providing:
English Training
If you need it, of course.
Hard and Soft skills development
There’s no one-size fits all approach here. This will depend on what your skill set is and how we can make it better.
Conferences and training events
Both in person and online, in Portugal or abroad, it all depends on what the event is and how it fits into our goals.
E-learning courses access
It goes without saying that these will be tailored to your needs and preferences, as well as your goals and learning objectives.
Books available
Which books? Lots of books. But if you can’t find what you are looking for, and you feel like it would make a great addition to our library, you just let us know. We love buying books.
Recurring reviews
Every Untile career is unique. Your career plan will be tailored to you, and so will the goals we set, OKRs and the performance reviews.
Team and individual performance bonus
Every individual win is a win for all of us, and vice-versa. This is a way of making that real.
And then there’s the extras…
Days off are up to you
You can schedule your vacation time whenever you want it. (You get birthdays off too!)
Remote Friendly
We love our office. It’s awesome, and it feels like home. But, sometimes, everyone needs to get away. That’s fine and encouraged.
Flexible schedule
See above.
Facilities at city center of Viana do Castelo
Have we told you how gorgeous Viana is? Because it’s really gorgeous.
Best equipments and software available
And yes, we will listen to your thoughts on what constitutes “the best”.
Snacks and beverages everywhere
We mean everywhere. Maybe it’s too much, even. Is it? Nah. We’re fine, we’re fine.
Job vacancies

Our open positions

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