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The U-Framework

This is how we figure out how to help you.

We've been fine-tuning this method for almost as long as we've been a company.

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Gathering data
02.Define & Plan
Use Cases & Personas
03.Create & Iterate
User Flows & Prototypes
Crafting a Visual
Front-end & Back-end development

It ́s a matter of method


Gathering data

This is how we identify the problems we need to solve.

We sit down with the client and we ask questions. We build a connection. We bring in some industry experts. Then, we undertake a deeply informative analysis of the product, market, and target users to create a detailed map that will guide the whole project. We call this the User Journey.

At the end of this phase, we've developed a high level list of objectives to achieve, hypotheses to prove, and we’ve grown a deep knowledge of your business and product.

02.Define & Plan

Use Cases & Personas

Every job is different, and this is when we idealise what our solution needs to get done.

We'll have some tools by now, like the User Journey map and industry data. This will allow us to define use cases and personas.

We dream up use cases in the form of job stories, detailing what each user may be employing the product to achieve. The user experience map will then be progressively redesigned from top to bottom in order to eliminate all defined user pain points.

We will then present the customer with several milestones, so they can pick and choose which are more critical for their business. Ultimately, this part only ends when the client decides which milestones they need achieved.

03.Create & Iterate

User Flows & Prototypes

This is how we figure out how we are going to solve your problems.

This is our favourite part, because this is when we get to build things.

More specifically, this is the time to build user flows and prototypes. We define metrics for success and test our approach. We collect feedback, we update the job stories, and by the end we have a clear vision of the specifications of each and every feature.

Of course, we then share our findings with everyone involved in the process and apply any changes that arise thereof. This is how we make sure we get the right approvals before we deliver our work to the Design and Development teams.


Crafting a Visual

The product must work, but it must also look and feel right.

We want to start working on the visual after having developed a strong working knowledge of the users and the business. We want to craft the visuals of the product with full confidence, experimenting with different approaches until we find the right match.

Once we get it right, we build the wireframe screens using the final style. This will serve as the primary reference to build a consistent style for all components.


Architect and Writing frontend & backend Code.

We build smart, scalable crafted digital products to solve simple or complicated business requirements.

We build smart, scalable crafted digital products to solve simple orcomplicated business requirements. To this end, our development team works closely with experienced designers to ship the best qualityproducts and websites ensuring a high functional, easy, and enjoyable experience for the target users.

These applications need a robust architecture, a well-tested andunderstandable code to fulfill an existing growth strategy.

Implement & Test

We deploy several techniques to not only get your product out of the door, but also to continuously improve it.

Agile Sprints

They help us focus on our goals by planning cycles of two weeks.
The reason why we do this is so we can break down big problems into small problems and define tasks accordingly. This way, we can always provide our development team with the clarity they need on how the final product should look, feel, and work.

Code Reviews

We never ship code without having it peer-reviewed.
This is how you catch bugs early and create readable code. It also allows our developers (and yours!) the ability to jump in on the project whenever necessary and always understand perfectly what everything is and does.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

We don't believe in delivering a closed box to the client at the deadline. We want you to be as involved as you want to be.
From day one, we set up tools and workflows to test, validate, and release code into a sandbox environment. Here, both our team and yourself can check on the project whenever.
You always know where you stand, and feedback loops are as tiny as possible.

Test-Driven Development

100% test coverage on critical modules, no exceptions.
Testing is fundamental, and we take it seriously. By testing, and testing a lot, we can be fully confident that every piece of software we deliver works. Not only now, but for years to come.

Code Refactoring

To keep underlying technologies up-to-date, we update the internals of the product without changing the outputs.
It sounds a little technical, but it's not (and even when it is, we'll handle that part). What this does is give your product longevity for years to come. It makes the software robust, eliminating almost all bugs. If you ever bring in another team to work on the product, they'll be working with the cleanest and most precise code possible.

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