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Reflecting leadership: How we created a website for Revigrés


Develop a website capable of attracting and inspiring the user as well as supporting, monitoring and advising through the process of identifying the solutions that best suit their needs.


Untile ran an extensive workshop that provided the teams with the adequate training to handle the technical side of the product. Some of the main focuses were user experience, prototyping, user interface, frontend and backend development. Iconography was also created in full compliance with ISO representation rules.


The website has the positive recognition of the Revigrés team for its autonomy and ability to manage and update content. It’s fully able to support customers through their decision process, providing a circular and intuitive experience.

Who is Revigrés

Revigrés has been a prestigious reference in ceramic solutions for over 40 years.

They have been one of the better known ceramics solutions brands in the Portuguese market for over forty years. They have also expanded far beyond the borders of the country, and you can find their products in over fifty countries. Founded in Águeda in 1977, they now boast achievements like having their headquarters designed by Pritzker winner Álvaro Siza Vieira and having been chosen to provide ceramics for the Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona.

Their products produce unique and inspiring environments thanks to both technically advanced skills and a uniquely Portuguese soul. Their porcelain stoneware is particularly sought after for public areas with heavy footfall.

App screens

Create a website capable of inspiring and support the Revigrés’s target audiences needs.

The information needed to be accessible and clear to different profiles and knowledge levels, that ranged from the final consumer to the reseller.

Not only did it need to work well, it needed to be a true reference for the whole sector, demonstrating the brand’s notoriety and leadership.

The website must be visually attractive and rich. Image must be privileged at all times, capturing attention and inspiring users through plenty of visual cues, ambience and textures. The digital space should do more than simply mimicking the effect of the brand’s products when applied in physical spaces. It should aspire to transmit the brand’s visual and graphic universe and elevate them to even greater sophistication and modernity.

The specific goals included:

  • Promote robust brand loyalty among both old and prospective customers;
  • Capture new contacts;
  • Capture and recapture users’ attention with animation mechanisms that will lead to the reading of content;
  • Offer a circular navigation model that always leads users to clear exit options, seeing as the goal is not for the user to always start on a homepage. Every page should be able to function as a starting point;
  • Implement an advanced set of product discovery, analysis and comparison tools;
  • The site must function in five different languages;
  • Develop a modular architecture for the website with independent components that should help with constructing new pages from the back office. The goal is to allow the Revigrés team to autonomously create and maintain content;
  • Redesign existing iconography to ensure everything matches with the pre-existing material, such as catalogues, always obeying ISO rules;
  • Ensure the website works exactly as well and as efficiently in desktop and mobile.
To achieve all of this, we had to create a plan, and execute it.

The solution, part 1

To achieve all of this, we had to create a plan, and execute it.

It wasn’t just about creating the site, it was about developing a working relationship with the Revigrés team that would allow us not only to learn exactly how it should look and feel, but also to bring them in and teach them how to handle it going forward.

This was a demanding process that had to be drawn and redrawn along the way. It involved many elements of the Untile team, and we are proud of the results.

The solution, part 2

The website always retains its visual integrity and functionality through time.

Not only have we developed a website that provides an enriching user experience, we also brought the Revigrés team right into the process so they can work with it and develop it further on their own. Everything their team needs to know was recorded into a rulebook so that the team can know exactly how to act so the website always retains its visual integrity and functionality through time.

Here’s how we did it:

  • We hosted a week-long workshop with the Revigrés team. We met with everyone every morning, and then used the afternoons to work with what we learnt before;
  • We used the Miro whiteboard platform to detail all functionalities and ensure that all requisites and information were ensured. This made remote meetings much more manageable;
  • We delivered in-person training about the product, allowing the Revigrés team to extensively know the specifics and derivations of its every aspect. The involvement and availability of the Revigrés team to understand the product and delve into it were key in achieving the final solution;

The website always retains its visual integrity and functionality through time.
Illustration Hand

A visually rich and inspiring website that captures attention

A visually rich and inspiring website that captures attention, clearly stands out from the competition and promotes intuitive and circular browsing. Customers will surely find the support they need to make their choices and new contacts will be generated. A project that fully meets what was requested and is in line with the client’s strategy. The Revigrés leadership complimented the work extensively and every bit of feedback received throughout has been both positive and quite gratifying. A website that was developed to feature innovative and relevant tools, such as the comparison and integration features, the 3D simulator and BIM objects, all of which validate Revigrés’s position as a market leader.

Where we grew

Our transparency during the different phases of the project was critical to customer satisfaction and project success. The way we opened our processes and challenges to the customer has led to them trusting us to make tough decisions even when things didn’t work out immediately. The development team created tools that used components developed for other projects, which was a great chance to improve and increase our technical efficiency. We learnt so very much about the ceramics sector, as well as about lead generation and capture.


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