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Case Study


Shaping a website for Amtrol-Alfa to increase leads


We were tasked to develop a website capable of satisfying all the information needs of their customers and partners, supporting the process of choosing a product, and generating leads, with the ambition to be a reference in the gas cylinders industry.


Untile ran different implementation phases for the execution of this project, such as: Discovery; User Experience; User Interface; Website Content Manual; Frontend and Backend Development and Quality Assurance.


The website has exceeded customer expectations as the number of leads has tripled since its launch, without any type of advertising. Through intuitive navigation and advanced tools it has become a privileged way of promoting solutions, legitimizing the dimension and premium positioning of the brand.

Who is Amtrol-Alfa

Amtrol-Alfa has been leading innovation in gas cylinders industry for over 50 years.

Amtrol-Alfa | Worthington Industries was founded in 1962 in Guimarães, north of Portugal, with the name of Petroleo Mecânica Alfa, at the time manufacturing cylinders for the LPG industry. In 2017, Amtrol was acquired by Worthington Industries, the leading LPG cylinder manufacturer and steel processor in North America.

Amtrol-Alfa manufactures over 110 Million cylinders with a production capacity of 25.000 cylinders per day. Their position as Europe’s largest manufacturer of gas cylinders results from more than 50 years of experience and a constant search for improved attributes and better performance on each product every day. A long list of patents and intensive research are just two of the reasons that make Amtrol-Alfa a true leader in this field.

Our story

Create a website bringing out such a trivial yet so technical type of product

Position the company as a natural leader, categorically demonstrating its ability to be a modern and avant-garde brand in the use of best practices in digital media.

Therefore it is extremely important to implement a set of features and advanced tools for discovering, analyzing and choosing products, ensuring easy and intuitive use.

AMTROL-ALFA`s product offering is extensive and complex, making it essential to structure its correct presentation as well as implementing a filtering system, a search feature, an advisor tool and a 3D customizer. The visual interface must be rich in typographic elements, imagery and video, so that it is captivating and, at the same time, able to demonstrate the specificity of each solution.

The specific goals included:

Generate leads

Promote targeted contacts by product so that they are routed to the most appropriate sales person for that market.

Made clear to different user profiles

Users, regardless of profile and knowledge about the products, should feel that the website can support, guide and advise them during the process of identifying the solutions that best serve their needs

Advisor tool

Provide an intelligent step-by-step product selection process, starting from direct and simple questions, and the result should be a product or a short list of products that meet the identified requirements.

3D Customization

Offer a functional mechanism that allows 3D visualization of the different products available in a 360º view, in real time and with freedom of movement. In addition, the user should be able to load and apply personalization elements (logos) and create a preview of the final product.

Positioning as a leader

Position the company as a reference in the gas cylinders industry, demonstrating its ability to be a modern and avant-garde brand in the use of best practices in digital media.

Multiple ways of navigating

Use the search feature as a way of navigating, while at the same time offering product advice features, a logical and balanced content organization and the various ways in which they are related.

Clear navigation options

Offer a circular navigation model that always leads users to clear exit options, seeing as the goal is not for the user to always start on a homepage. Every page should be able to function as a starting point.

Scalable and evolving platform

Ability to receive improvements and evolutions, both at a technological and functional level, allowing the project to evolve proactively and not just reactively.


The platform chosen for the development of the Website must have an integration API available, which allows providing and receiving data from third-party systems, Apps and the client`s legacy systems.

Segment gas cylinders by markets and technologies.

The solution, part 1

Segment gas cylinders by markets and technologies.

AMTROL-ALFA solutions are available in different model ranges according to their purpose. Due to the plurality of products, it was sometimes complex to define its reorganization and transmit all its details. There were moments of reflection so that the options could be made consciously.

In each solution there is a Call to Action that promotes contact ensuring that the commercial team is able to give a more targeted response.

The solution, part 2

Implement innovative advanced tools to support the user decision.

The Advisor tool, more than an advanced search, is an intelligent and assisted step-by-step product selection tool that allows a user with less sector knowledge to find products that match their needs from a set of simple questions.

The 3D Customization tool offers the possibility to customize products allowing users to choose the type of handle, footing, color and upload images. Users are able to save their 3D customizations and favorite products in a personal area through an authentication process.

Implement innovative advanced tools to support the user decision.

Parts of the process:

Discovery process

Our design team led a workshop in order to gather the requirements and content to be developed within the scope of the project using the Miro platform.

Information architecture

The information architecture was created in order to define the navigation structure and segmentation of the website pages or sections.

Consistency through the creation of a design system

A design system was created with all the necessary components, and their behaviors, for the composition of the entire layout ensuring its consistency.

Code review

The implemented code was always reviewed by our peers allowing for early bug detection. Testing was also essential for us to be fully confident of each feature.

Product immersion

We made a visit to the customer for a technical in-depth look at the product and contact with the commercial team. This helped us to extract as much detail as possible.

Testing through wireframing

Through Figma, we designed wireframes, a low fidelity layout representation, to test the navigation structure focused on the user experience.

Agile methodology

We used an iterative development model based on sprints, where in each cycle all points of the application architecture are reevaluated.

Illustration Hand

A website so engaging that the number of leads has already tripled

The website clearly stands out from the competition, through an attractive, intuitive interface rich in visual elements that highlight a product that is so common in our daily lives yet, at the same time, so specific and complex. The project surprised Amtrol-Alfa`s expectations by tripling the number of contacts in the two months after the launch, even without having carried out any type of advertising. The website was developed with a set of innovative and relevant tools to support the user in the decision process, such as an Advisor and a 3D Customization, which enhance the company`s positioning as a market leader.
Model ranges

How we grew

The management process involved several meetings throughout the project to ensure compliance with requirements, which implied an effort from both various members of the client team as well as our own team. Our team’s proactivity allowed us to respond and propose solutions to challenges encountered, ultimately leading us to meet the delivery deadlines. The development team built a structure that allows us to isolate components and reuse them to evolve the project, providing an opportunity to optimize our technical efficiency. This was a great learning opportunity about the industrial sector of gas cylinders and the different ways to implement lead capture.
Amtrol alfa


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